Growing Potatoes In Buckets, Bags & Containers

We will look at lots of great ideas on choosing the best potato planters, making your own potato grow bags, mixing good soil & fertilizers, planting, watering, & harvesting.

Potatoes can be grown in a variety of containers, but the best containers for growing potatoes are:

1. Grow Bags: These are specialized bags made of breathable material designed for growing plants. They make it easy to grow potatoes in small spaces and can hold several plants at once.

2. Trash Cans: Large 32-gallon trash cans can be repurposed to grow potatoes. Simply drill drainage holes in the bottom and fill with soil.

3. Fabric Pots: Similar to grow bags, fabric pots come in various sizes and allow for proper drainage.

4. Tires: Stacking old tires can make a great potato growing tower. Simply fill each tire with soil, plant potatoes in the bottom tire, and continue to stack and fill with soil as the plant grows.

5. Wooden Boxes: Build a wooden box with at least 12 inches of soil. Potatoes can be grown vertically in a wooden box.

It's important to make sure whichever container is used has proper drainage to prevent water from pooling and potentially causing root rot.

There are many kinds of potato planters such as fabric bags, plastic pots, buckets, wood planters, and potato towers. Let’s look at which ones are the best, and which ones are the worst!

Based on the experience from lots of gardeners, the best planters for growing potatoes are 10 gallon (30 liter) size pots or bags. They give you the perfect balance of maximum harvest with minimum amount of space and soil needed.

You can also plant potatoes in 5 gallon buckets with drain holes, 7 to 15 gallon bags and pots, which are all easy to find.

You can find 10 gallon plastic or fabric pots here. Both are great choices for planting potatoes. You can also make your own fabric potato grow bags following this tutorial.

If you are wondering about planting potatoes in stacked rubber tires, I would NOT do it, because tires contain lots of chemicals that could be harmful for growing edibles!

Another great option for planting potatoes in small gardens is to use wooden box planters aka raised beds. Check out the harvest in video below!

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